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Control Center

Every FM Technology solution needs a common data repository where the data may be shared across connected modules. This also makes it easier for the user to set-up FM Navigate and add or remove modules as needed.

Control Centre


FM Navigate - Control Center

Is the heart of FM Navigate. This is the nerve center where everything is set-up, controlled and administered from.
You are able to access all of your subscribed FM Navigate modules. You will set up:
1) Users;
2) Sites and buildings;
3) Asset registers and other common information that span all modules.
You will add or modify user data and sites from within the Control Center and it will also provide you with an interactive dashboards.

Service & Contract Management Dashboard Tender & Procurement Dashboard


The FM Navigate – Supplier Management portal offers a tailored and automated approach for managing and administering your FM supply chain It builds on years of FM experience, relevant International Standards (ISO) for pre-qualification stages. Focussing on a simple but powerful approach, you will be able to achieve your supply chain goals in a highly efficient, cost effective and risk-free way when you use our FM Navigate – Supplier Management.

Set your own qualification criteria, invite suppliers or search suppliers already registered on the system, invite them to complete the qualification stage once and it is then automated for ever. FM Navigate – Supplier Management will monitor compliance and performance of your suppliers automatically and will inform your suppliers each time an insurance policy or a certificate or any key document is due for renewal/ They will be invited into the portal to update and upload their records. Ease of monitoring through a RAG status keeps you informed and your business safe and legal at all times.

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User Administration


Add or Remove Sites

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Store Asset Data

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Access All Modules

  • Manages the entire vendor management lifecycle
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Reviews critical information at every level
  • Provides easy execution
  • Utilise the best methods for identifying potential supplier risks
  • Develop effective strategies for addressing higher-risk suppliers
  • Align supplier control environments with your internal framework
  • Implement ongoing oversight utilising metrics and notifications


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Quick Access

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Ease of Use

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Dashboard Interface

  • Protect your brand
  • Improve the quality of your services
  • Increase operational or financial efficiencies
  • Reduce your costs
  • Expand the availability of your services
  • Accelerate service delivery
  • Focus on your core business functions
  • Increase onboarding speed
FM Navigate

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