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Management System

As a member of the technical committee that developed the standard, Evbex contributed towards the production of this standard and take pleasure in introducing FM Navigate Management System.

Management Centre


FM NavigateManagement System 

Is a comprehensive ISO based management, cloud-based system which enables you to select a management system of your choice based on the suite of ISO Management System Standards (MSS) available. Once you have made your selection you can develop and build your MSS within FM Navigate using ISO’s high-level management structure. The platform allows you to allocate roles, responsibilities and authors to develop each section or element as appropriate. You can select your internal auditor and when ready, select your external auditor to proceed towards certification in your chosen MSS. The external auditor can access the platform through an ‘auditor’s portal’ and will therefore be able to carry out remote audits.
Regardless of whether you wish your Management System to be certified, you can also use this as your Management System framework to introduce a consistent and professional approach across the business.

Management System

The three versions within FM Navigate – Management System include:

  1. The structure and framework shell to enable you to develop and host any ISO MSS
  2. A complete ISO 41001 Management System Standard Framework, including all documentation required to build your own MSS and proceed towards certification if required
  3. Our ISO 41001 certified FM consultants will help you tailor the MSS to meet your business needs. We have qualified ‘Certified Lead Implementers and Auditors’ and qualifies instructors.


The FM Navigate – Management System module provides everything that you need to develop your own MSS from the range of ISO MSSs available. The pre-loaded ISO 41001 Facility Management System framework enables you to develop your own Facility Management System Standard and proceed towards rapid certification. This will enable you to promote your FM organisation as ‘world class’ and achieve the numerous benefits that it provides. Your journey to ISO MSS certification will start with a pre-loaded gap analysis that you will complete to compare your organisations own performance to the requirements of the Standard. Once you have closed the gaps, developed and tailored the MSS to your own business needs you can then start delivering ‘world-class’ facility management services whilst simultaneously achieving trouble-free accreditation for your ISO MSS.

Flexible ISOHLS Structure

ISOHLS Structure

Developed by Experts

Developed by
ISO Experts

Remote External Audits

External Audits

Use for All ISO

Use for

  • Single site to global portfolio planning
  • Built around the ISO MSS HLS
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Assign internal responsibilities to internal stakeholders
  • Includes all documentation you will ever need
  • Message board, upload and download documents
  • Customisable MS Office documents
  • All communications in one place – no separate emails
  • Enable external audits
  • Integrate with other FM Navigate modules
  • Version choice
  • All documents and communication date and time-stamped for transparency and audit purposes
  • Develop and store all your ISO MSS requirements
  • ISO qualifies support consultants if required


Only on FM Navigate

Only in
FM Navigate

Rapid Implementation




Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity

Reduce Cost,
Increase Productivity

  • Standard and integrated FM approach and system across the business
  • Puts you in control of your FM business
  • Up and running in no time
  • Improve FM business performance
  • Stakeholder communication management
  • Manage your supply chain with confidence
  • Optimise your FM resources and suppliers
  • Enhance Customer satisfaction
  • Create cost savings and working efficiencies
  • Effective measurement of your FM Performance
  • No need for consultants
  • Covid-19/viruses emergency preparedness & business continuity
  • Mitigate/reduce business risk
  • Meet your CSR & environmental targets
  • Encourage innovation and continuous improvement

ISO Suggested Benefits

  • Improved internal management
  • Less waste
  • Increase in efficiency, productivity and profit
  • Improved customer retention and acquisition
  • Consistent outcomes, measured and monitored
  • Globally recognised Standard
FM Navigate

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