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Performance Management

Following 25 years of developing all types of KPI models and structures with client organisations across all sectors and with most FM suppliers, we believe that we have developed the perfect structure and model and it is available to you within the totally unique  FM Navigate Performance Management.

‘Everyone uses KPIs but FM lacks a common industry approach’

Performance Management


FM NavigatePerformance Management

Is a unique and comprehensive, cloud-based platform which allows those responsible for managing FM performance through KPIs to take control and effectively manage the relationship through a process which derives from first principles. These track back to the organisations vision, mission, and overarching objectives, which are identified and captured within FM Navigate.

Performance metrics (KPIs) may then be automatically aligned or self-selected from the vast database of on-board metrics that meet the needs of the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that represent your services and operations. Based on the principle of a Balanced Scorecard FM Navigate Performance Management will provide you with a complete KPI structure and model where the metrics will be appropriate and fit for purpose and which align with the relevant criteria as below:

FM Navigate Performance Management KPIs will

  • Be derived from strategy (and based on CSF)
  • Be simple to understand
  • Provide timely & accurate feedback
  • Be based on quantities that can be influenced or controlled
  • Relate to specific goals (targets)
  • Be relevant
  • Form part of a closed management loop
  • Be clearly defined
  • Focus on improvement
  • Include a number of ‘lead and lag’ measures
FM Navigate - Performance Management Module


The FM Navigate Performance Management is a truly unique system that offers a rich content and a robust structure which quickly takes you from accurate performance measurement to highly efficient performance management of your FM services and FM supply chains.  From first principles you will develop your KPIs that will deliver meaningful and trustworthy outputs in an automated manner. Scoring and outputs can be relied upon and will be fair to both parties.

You can link performance too the FM Suppliers payment or to contract extension periods if you wish and collaborate easily within your internal teams or with your FM suppliers. If you want KPI data that you can trust and that is meaningful to your business start using FM Navigate Performance Management today. As with all FM Navigate modules, it can be fully integrated with all the other modules through its powerful Control Module.

Align with Core Business

Align with
Core Business

Automatic Reports & Real-time

Automatic Reports
& Real Time

Link to Payment or Contract Extension

Link to Payment or
Contract Extension

  • Provides simple guidance through a very structured process
  • Provides justification to the measures that you select
  • Aligns effectively with organisational objectives
  • Comprehensive database of meaningful KPIs to select
  • Query scores with your supply chain via the message board
  • Manage and administer in house services and outsourced contracts
  • Link performance to payment or contract extensions
  • Link with all other FM Navigate Modules
  • Real-time information to all stakeholders (internal and external) through a central cloud-hosted solution
  • Developed by FM professionals with over 25 years’ experience of KPI models
  • All documents and communication are date and time-stamped for transparency and audit purposes

A demonstrable approach to managing FM effectively, by exception, and in a value-driven way


There is no question that FM Navigate Performance Management will drive efficiencies and value into your business and will make you wonder why did you wait until now? FM Navigate Performance Management is the ultimate way to get the best from your FM services. It is a totally unique system, not available anywhere else or in any other system. It will revolutionise your management techniques and will enable you to make well informed decisions.

Value-Manage by Exception

by Exception

Control Your FM Suppliers

Control Your
FM Suppliers



  • Align with the core business
  • Accurate reporting
  • Automate what is often an emotive subject
  • Transform your KPI experiences
  • Save management & admin time
  • Great outcomes from reliable outputs
  • Macro not micro manage
  • Internal and competitive benchmarking
  • Challenge the use of FM resources
  • Improve perception of FM
  • Eliminates human error
  • Powerful data repository
  • Full transparency and accountability
FM Navigate

What FM Navigate has to Offer