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Explore a truly comprehensive and versatile finance center, ensuring you wield unwavering control over your financial landscape. Our platform goes beyond the ordinary, delivering an exceptional and adaptable experience tailored to meet your unique needs.

Finance Centre


FM Navigate - Finance Center

A comprehensive solution that enables you with total command over your finances, budgets, and payments. Set your annual budget and track expenditure on a monthly basis. Link invoice requests to your suppliers, streamlining payments upon completion, and achieve sign-off at the press of a button for a hassle-free financial management experience.

Accurate financial control and reporting of planned services and works. For variable works, cross-reference suppliers' invoices and applications for payment with agreed contract rates and percentage margins calculated automatically. A robust and highly efficient process for seeking quotations. Links to other FM Navigate modules and to supplier's performance if required.

Financial center


Experience robust financial control within our FM solution, where precision is paramount. Our platform ensures accurate cross-referencing, facilitating seamless reconciliation of financial data for enhanced accuracy and reliability. The integration with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) establishes a direct link between financial activities and strategic objectives, providing real-time insights into organizational performance. The query feature empowers users to swiftly extract specific information, streamlining the decision-making process and enabling quick resolution of financial queries. Together, these features establish a comprehensive and efficient financial management system tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses.

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Financial Control of FM

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Accurate Cross-referencing

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Linked to KPIs

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Query Feature

  • Full or semi-automation to suit your business needs
  • Operational 24/7 with real-time, cloud-based status reports
  • Customisable set-up, SLAs and Priority Levels
  • Priority call-outs only when needed
  • Fit for purpose use of job priorities and SLAs
  • Integrate with other modules, for greater efficiencies and control
  • Accurate scripting input forms
  • Ensures right resources arrive for every job
  • Automated progress communication to requestor and client
  • Combine with payment system
  • Informs KPIs
  • Function rich dashboard data enabling accurate decision making
  • Single building or global corporate scalability



Manage Budgets

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Automated payments

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Cost Variance Analysis

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Link Other Modules

  • Ensures that right resources arrive at the right rate, every time
  • Informed and happy customers at every stage of the job
  • Focus on expenditure management and control
  • Remove need for administrative resources
  • Save money and time
  • Optimised risk control and management
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