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Fulfilment Center

FM Service Desk systems are a commonplace in managing facility management resources effectively and efficiently.

Evbex experience in working with organizations across all sectors has identified flaws in traditional systems in which it has addressed and provides an optimum solution within FM Navigate – Fulfilment Center.

Fulfillment Centre


FM Navigate – Fulfilment Center

Is a comprehensive, cloud-based FM service desk solution which enables the efficient capture, allocation and response management for all types of reactive maintenance or indeed any facilities type job. Easy-to-use but with depth to record all critical information, prioritise and track jobs, you can choose a level of usage to meet your individual business requirements, from fully automated to semi-automated, it provides a wealth of intelligent filtering through clients, locations, assets, work types, service levels and workforce/contractors will allow you to offer a high level of customer support and service to your clients/colleagues.The FM Navigate - Fulfilment Center is a robust central hub around which you can control your reactive or ad hoc property, facilities or asset maintenance requirements.

SLA/KPI priorities are assigned to each task to enable efficient task management, ensuring that all tasks are completed within their allotted time frame. Powerful Dashboards, providing real-time information provide up to the minute data, included as standard, helping you to analysis performance, trends and identify areas of weakness or strength.

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The FM Navigate – Fulfilment Centre offers a tailored and automated integrated solution for administering and managing reactive facilities and maintenance jobs. It builds on years of experience and focusses around a number of improvements over traditional systems (please ask us what these are, we will be pleased to tell you) resulting in a positive outcome when you use our FM Navigate – Fulfilment Centre.

Reactive Maintenance or facilities requests are made via a simple 24/7 web-based form. Upon creation of a Reactive request, the requestor will receive an automatic email confirming detailing call information and encapsulating a unique job tracking reference number. Clients/requestors can view and monitor the progression of all the jobs they have reported and keep track of progress in real-time.

Requestors will also receive system-generated email updates when the status of job changes to always keep them updated. Jobs can be allocated to both internal FM and maintenance resources (direct labour) and to supply chain partners. Attendance to a call-out request will be tracked against the Priority set by the requestor which will be measured against the SLAs set by the client organisation.

Fully Automated

Fully Automated

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Supplier Integration

Supplier Integration

  • Full or semi-automation to suit your business needs
  • Operational 24/7 with real-time, cloud-based status reports
  • Customisable set-up, SLAs and Priority Levels
  • Priority call-outs only when needed
  • Fit for purpose use of job priorities and SLAs
  • Integrate with other modules, for greater efficiencies and control
  • Accurate scripting input forms
  • Ensures right resources arrive for every job
  • Automated progress communication to requestor and client
  • Combine with payment system
  • Informs KPIs
  • Function rich dashboard data enabling accurate decision making
  • Single building or global corporate scalability


Accurate Finance

Financial Control

Fulfilled Customers


Mitigate Risk


Optimize Efficiency


  • Ensures that right resources arrive at the right rate, every time
  • Informed and happy customers at every stage of the job
  • Focus on expenditure management and control
  • Remove need for administrative resources
  • Save money and time
  • Optimised risk control and management
FM Navigate

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