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Tender and Procurement

Facility management is a crucial aspect of modern FM Tender & Procurement, requiring innovative solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency, manage risks, and maintain compliance in an agile manner.

Following 25 years of procuring FM contracts across all sectors we can offer an optimum solution within FM Navigate – Tender and Procurement portal.

Tender and Procurement


FM Navigate – Tender and Procurement Management

Is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform which allows buyers and buying organisations to procure FM services vias a variety of methods within a) private sector procurement or b) public sector. Whilst the public sector approach adheres to the Public Sector Procurement Regulations and Rules, the private sector allows a degree of flexibility whilst maintain a robust and transparent default status. This module integrates seamlessly with the Supply Chain Management Module so that Suppliers may be invited, reviewed, qualified and vetted via the Supply Chain Management Module and procured via the Tender and Procurement module. Collaborate with your colleagues via the Message Board and externally via a powerful Question and Answers Board.

Tender & Procurement Main Dashboard Tender & Procurement Dashboard


The Tender & Procurement module offers a rich structure and features which are usually only seen within mature stand-alone e-procurement & e-tender platforms. Twenty-five years of solid FM procurement experience has gone into its development. For the public sector, it offers a secure EU-compliant platform for managing and administering the entire tender process via a secure exchange of documents from tender notice through to appointment. The private sector follows a similar approach but offers greater flexibility for tailoring to specific organisational needs.

Pre-vetted Suppliers

Use Pre-vetted

Manage All Tenders

Manage All

Powerful Communications


Public or Private Sector

Public or
Private Sector

  • Provides simple guidance through a very structured process
  • Defined Stage 1 (RFI) & Stage 2 (RFP) processes
  • Manage and administer tender exercises up to any value
  • Collaborate internally and with your external suppliers
  • Communication security and efficiencies through a message board and question and answer centre
  • Link with Supply Chain Management Module
  • Manage and administer all outsourced contracts
  • Two stage authentications of passwords for secure environment
  • All documents and communication are date and time-stamped for transparency and audit purposes


The Tender & Procurement portal will introduce significant benefits to your organisation around the core principles of reducing cost, mitigating risk and optimising efficiencies. The e-tender platform is as powerful as other stand-alone e-tender and e-procurement platforms. It also integrates effortlessly with all the other FM Navigate modules to provide a comprehensive and integrated cloud-based platform that will deliver countless benefits to your organisation.

Save Money


Agile & Powerful

Agile &

Compliant Low Risk

Low Risk

User Experience


  • Agile and powerful tender and procurement platform delivered through a simple interface
  • Save money & increase productivity through lean automated processes
  • Reduce risk and maintain compliance through in-built features
  • Professionalise and standardise procurement & tender process
  • Increase efficiency through using fewer communication apps and integration across all, or a number of, other modules within FM Navigate also driving greater cost savings
  • Real-time information to all stakeholders (internal and external) through a central cloud-hosted solution
  • Eliminates human error, eliminate reproduction and re-work
  • Powerful data repository
  • Full transparency and accountability
  • Automated/early notification of tenders, stages within the tender and communication regarding the tender
  • Secure transfer ad storage of data
  • Sign-up as approved suppliers providing increased longer-term opportunities with a range of clients
FM Navigate

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