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FM Navigate: A Better Facility Management Platform

Evbex-FRP has been established to offer technology solutions to organisations that manage FM services a range of technology platforms that puts the demand-organizations or end-users in control of managing the function; the resources that deliver the FM services (in-house, outsourced or a combination of both) and the data to ensure that FM services are positioned to deliver optimum support to the business. This will ensure that FM demand organizations and end-users will no longer be dependent on the FM Supplier’s systems, processes and technologies and that business-critical functions such as risk, compliance, performance and value can be managed, administered and optimised directly by the demand-organisation.

FM Navigate:  Facilities Services Management Portal

FM Navigate is a portal for managing the facilities management function and services from the demand organization or ‘end-users’ perspective. It is a comprehensive and tailored solution that is unique in the marketplace as it emphasises on the policies, processes, management approaches, processes, systems and data that all organisations demonstrate and perform throughout the life cycle of ownership, delivery and management of facilities services.

It is not a Suppliers CAFM system and not purely a single function model such as a Procurement Portal or Support Desk.

FM Navigate is as a unique and tailored solution for managing the whole life of facilities services from the demand-organization end-user perspective. It is structured around the requirements of ISO 41001 Facility Management System and other FM ISO Standards. It focusses on professional and effective management of the Facilities Management (FM) function, whether it be delivered in-house, or outsourced or a combination of both, offering demonstrable opportunities for all organisations to ensure that their FM is compliant, high-performing and affordable whilst reducing the management input and administrative burden that traditionally associate with this role and function.

FM Navigate: Modular Approach

FM Navigate is built around the requirements of ISO 41001 Facility Management – Management system and comprises of 8 individual but integrated modules that span the whole life of the facilities management function and / or individual FM projects:

  • 1. Policies & ISO 41001 Framework & CertificationA Facilities Management Framework will be developed that will meet the requirements of the Standard. This will ensure that the demand organizations needs are met and which will be underpinned by strong leadership to provide the required baseline for the FM Organization. This will ensure that relevant and appropriate processes will exist to manage internal and external resources and to deliver ‘Best-in-class’ facility management services.
  • 2. Communication & ReportsFundamental to the internal and external stakeholder relationships will be the Communication Plans and the Reports. FM agreements often succeed or fail, based on robust communication and reporting strategies and approaches. This module will ensure collaboration and successful outcomes through all communication and reporting channels and through a standardised approach across the entity.
  • 3. Compliance & RiskA cloud-based Compliance Module will ensure organizational compliance will be maintained at all times. This will be achieved through creating a database of all assets that are subject to Statutory Compliance across the estate. Notifications will be issued to the relevant suppliers automatically, based on a 12-month planner. Arrangements will be made for the suppliers to attend the sites to carry out the relevant statutory examination or inspection and the relevant test results and certificates will be automatically uploaded ensuring that the Statutory Compliance database is maintained up to date at all times.
  • 4. Procurement & Supply ChainThe Procurement Portal will ensure that FM Suppliers will be procured in the most appropriate and effective way to deliver ‘best value’ outcomes. The Procurement Portal will also contain editable tender documentation based on best practices. FM suppliers will be maintained on a comprehensive database that will be checked for continual compliance and updated on a periodic basis. The portal is suitable for both private and public sector organizations.
  • 5. Contract ManagementThe Contract Management Module provides automated financial management and performance management for any facility management contract to ensure compliant and high-performing facility services at all times. This will ensure that the contract will always be managed according to the contract documentation in a consistent, professional and transparent manner. The Contract Management module includes a Mobilization Tracker, a Transition Plan, Financial Management and Performance Management of all facility management contracts via metrics that can be tailored to suit the requirements of each organization.
  • 6. Fulfillment CentreThe Optional Fulfillment Centre Module will track and log all calls and requests, ensuring SLA compliance and will establish true and real time KPI reporting. The Fulfillment Centre module can be fully automated, and all instructions, requests and responses will be expedited via a common message board that will capture and record all communication threads, rather than having to rely on verbal recollections and/or email trails. The Fulfillment Centre will also serve to inform a number of KPIs that can be used by the demand organization to manage the facility service.
  • 7. Data HubThe Data Hub will draw data and reports from the FM Suppliers CAFM Systems providing a truly integrated platform. Data drawn from the suppliers CAFM systems will be used to populate the Communication and Reporting Module, and the KPIs, required for capturing compliance and service quality. The Data Hub will ensure that your organization will benefit from a truly integrated platform which will be driven through FM Navigate thus placing the control with the demand organization and not with the FM suppliers.
  • 8. Continuous ImprovementThe Continuous Improvement Module includes Evbex QVi protocol which provides a demonstrable journey towards World Class FM Services. The QVi will benchmark compliance (against the contract and statutory) and will identify a performance index for the facility services. The QVi will position facility performance against a maturity matrix whereby gaps between current performance and good or best practice will be identified. Improvement will be established through closing the gaps and progressing up the maturity scale.

Benefits of FM Navigate

FM Navigate is a unique facilities management technology solution that offers a global platform for all types organisations in the public and private sectors to ensure that their property and facilities management requirements delivers ‘World Class’ services in the most effective and efficient way possible. FM Navigate is a unique platform which offers a revolutionary opportunity for demand organizations to demonstrate real value in the delivery and management of facilities services. Key benefits of the system include:

  • Underpinned by the requirements of ISO 41001: 2018, Facility management – Management system
  • Fantastic opportunities to establish cost savings and management efficiencies
  • Provides a professional, consistent and robust approach to managing FM services based on best practices
  • Covers the life cycle of the FM function and/or FM Contracts
  • Takes back control of your FM service management – less reliance on your FM service vendors
  • Highly effective Supply Chain Management tool
  • Delivers standardisation and simplification for Global FM requirements
  • Contract management e.g. NEC3 TSC and performance management via a powerful Performance Management/KPI database
  • Includes the unique and powerful QVi measurement tool
  • Powerful data repository for effective Supply Chain Management and key decision making
  • Contains an integrated Help Desk function
  • Enables remote management capabilities
  • Designed for demand-organizations and end-users, not a Suppliers CAFM system
  • Demonstrates ‘the ability to deliver demonstrable and affordable ‘World Class’ FM
  • Aligned with all direct and indirect Standards that apply to Facilities Management
  • Is unique in the FM marketplace
  • Can be tailored to specific organisational needs (80/20)
  • Developed by FM experts that understand the needs of the demand organization
  • Powerful benchmarking capability
  • Can be scaled for single sites or global capabilities
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