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Vision & The Journey

FM Navigate is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the management of Facility Management services, offering a cost-effective and professional solution that integrates various features. It comprises an end-to-end suite of modules that will ensure that you

a) save money

b) optimise efficiency and

c) reduce your business risks.

Why does the FM industry need FM Navigate?

Almost three years ago, one of the UK’s largest construction and facility management companies failed and went into liquidation. Ultimately, its demise was blamed on the huge debts the company was in. Following this, other notable FM companies entered difficult times. After thirty years of FM outsourcing in the UK, including the constant demand for lower costs from FM services is a major contributory factor for negative connotations within the FM space. Cost savings in the order of 5% - 10% are often expected from an FM tender. Over a thirty-year period, where a typical contract duration is five years, the accumulated cost savings from six generations of outsourcing can therefore be as much as 30% - 60% of the same cost 30 years ago. Clearly this is not sustainable.

During this time, headcount reduction has not stopped at operator level, for many organisations, the middle management tier has also disappeared. These were the typical subject matter experts, these that had infinite building and service knowledge. This has compounded problems within the industry.

Although numerous CAFM systems exist, there are few, if any, that guide the client organisation, the end-user through all the stages required to effectively develop, implement, operate, manage, control and administer the entire range of responsibilities and duties expected from the function.

FM Navigate will deliver all of this and more. Through a series of stand-alone or interlinked effective modules, FM Navigate will guide you through the various FM stages as a best-practices as an end-to-end process driven facility project management resource. This will fill the gap left by the lost middle management SMEs and will enable you to make informed decisions about your FM service.

FM Navigate targets demonstrable best practice at an affordable price.

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FM Navigate was conceived by Richards Davies, CEO and Founder of Evbex in 2016. Having originally based a PhD research project on optimising service quality and performance in FM over ten years ago, he continued to work on a concept that would plug the gaps in the FM market through promoting an ethos of value over lowest cost to provide long-term, sustainable high-performance. In a world of ‘more for less’ Richard considered how this could be achieved for the benefit of client, demand organisations, end-users, those that outsource much of their FM. Bringing 34 years of experience to bear and close working relationships with clients across all sectors, including intimate knowledge of the FM supply chain, Richard was able to map out an ‘FM Journey’ from start to end. This was captured in 8 stages and these formed the basis of the FM Navigate modules that were subsequently developed. Indeed, the eight stages are based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act principle and follow an overall FM project management trajectory as opposed to task management. Indeed, it mimics subject matter experts once used to effectively manage the entire range of FM functions…..but as a simple technology platform. It needed to be scaled from one site to global capabilities and needed to include the knowledge and gap closure of + 25 years of solid FM consulting service. It needed therefore to deliver the exact functionality that client organisations need without having to pay for needless functionality that nobody used. It also needed to include a familiar user experience interface but be powerful enough to provide the virtual knowledge and experience required to deliver and manage value-based facility management services.

Through +5 years of intense development, we believe that we have achieved this and a lot more in FM Navigate.

As a Global platform, FM Navigate will be an invaluable tool in the developing and frontier countries and regions.

A unique Facility Management System
that focuses on the things that matter

From the world’s first interactive ISO 41001 Facility Management System, allowing you to both set up your facility management policies and system, including remote audit facilities through to the Quality-Value index (QVi), the concept developed by Evbex to measure and improve performance, FM Navigate will lead you to FM excellence, at an affordable price.

The world’s first multi-module collaborative platform will bring users and suppliers closer together through a single entity in a totally flexible way that will give you the power and capability to establish the best facility management service, including collaborative control over your supply chain partners and at a price that you can afford.

Module Stack

Scale and Scalability

In developing the platform our goal was to build a system that would be agile and flexible to suit the needs of the modern business world but at the same time to maintain simplicity and effectiveness of the module functionality. This is where the +30 years of FM, including the aggregates experiences and wants of the organisations that manage facility services and the FM suppliers plays a vital role.

Managing facility services has changed from the traditional methods that worked well yesterday into a more flexible approach that can be quickly implemented by today’s generation – this is what FM Navigate does and does it well.

We have built a system that can be used on a single site right through to managing the entire range of IFM services of a global corporate operating in numerous locations throughout the world…….and everything in between.

Within FM Navigate, all the bases are covered. This said, we recognise that everyone is different and has its own needs. Our platform is therefore customisable and our development team can tailor the module functionalities to suit your exact needs.

We are very proud of our product and we think you will be too when you subscribe and start using it.

Module Flow Diagram


Flexible Solution


Comprises 9 modules that can work stand-alone or integrated together, providing arguably, the most holistic cloud-based Enterprise Facilities Resource Planning for ERFP system on the market today.

Comprehensive Platform


Based on the traditional Plan-Do-Check-Act principle, it is an end-to-end FM process driven platform that derives from 30 years of research and demonstrable best practices. The only FM Technology platform you will ever need.

Unique Solution


Includes a number of totally unique modules that are not available on any other platform. These include ISO 41001 implementation and operation and the unique Quality-Value index platform for guaranteed business improvement.

Secure &
User Friendly

Built with a security centric approach with multiple authentication mechanisms, hosted on multi region cloud servers for better availability. Simple and intuitive User Interface that can get anyone up and running with the system in no time.


Save Money


Resource-rich platform that offers significant cost savings to your organisation, in terms of process efficiency and in terms of human resource process intelligence costs. Increased personal accountability, segregation of duties, predictable outcomes with comprehensive reporting and analytics, timely notifications and reminders 

Mitigate Risk


Organisational data sharing, supply chain, statutory compliance, health & safety and business risks are all mitigated giving you confidence and total peace of mind. Factor in Business Disruption such as Covid-19 and establish relevant and appropriate Business Continuity Plans.
Optimize Efficiency


Optimise resource (management and operational) and process performance in a measured and demonstrable way that will propel your facility management service forward in a way that will ensure that the demand organisations business goals are met.
Built for the End User

Built for the
End User

All aspects of FM development, management and administration are covered within strategic, tactical, and operational approaches that make FM Navigate totally unique for client organisations and end-users responsible for managing in-house or outsourced FM suppliers

FM Navigate

What FM Navigate has to Offer