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Compliance & Task Management

Following 30 years of maintenance and facilities management compliance and planning management across all sectors we offer an optimum solution – FM Navigate Compliance & Task Management.

Risk and Maintenance
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FM Navigate - Compliance and Task Management

Is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform which allows buyers and buying organisations to establish comprehensive proactive, hard and soft services PPM and task management system which can be easily managed and administered with powerful dashboard reports. The foundation for the FM Navigate – Compliance and Task Management portal is how the data is collected, in terms of real estate and buildings and in terms of the building assets. Asset data from existing systems can be easily transferred in a block transfer.

Load PPM schedules from SFG20 or any other pre-prescribed planned maintenance schedules. Maintenance schedules can be represented in three categories: 1) Statutory 2) Mandatory or 3) Discretionary enabling you to prioritise what’s important, whether it is for hard or soft FM services. Collaborate with your in-house operational teams or with your outsourced FM suppliers via the on-board message board to organise dates for when tasks will be carried out. Your FM suppliers’ resources will also be pre-vetted and inducted before stepping onto your sites.

FM Navigate - Compliance & Task Management Module

Statutory Compliance requirements will be planned, executed and relevant test and certification documents uploaded to the cloud before KPIs can be closed placing the emphasis on your suppliers to close each process in a timely manner. Any remedial works required as a result of planned maintenance will also be processed seamlessly, including the planning of the work at dates to be agreed with the FM or Building Manager.

Real-time dashboard data will keep you and your stakeholder group informed at all times.

Collaborate with your colleagues via the Message Board and externally via a powerful Question and Answers Board.

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The Tender & Procurement module offers a rich structure and features which focus around the need of busy FMs and Building Managers. Thirty years of maintenance and facilities management experience of working with clients from all sector backgrounds to provide you with a Compliance, PPM and Task Management platform that delivers all the functionality you will ever need and indeed want to use.

Approved Suppliers & Resources

Approved Suppliers &

Compliance, PPM, FM

PPM and FM

Automate Compliance


Plan Once, Automate Forever

Plan Once,
Automate Forever

  • Single site to global portfolio planning
  • Schedule statutory compliance, ppm & soft fm services
  • Manage your in-house teams & outsourced suppliers
  • Collaborate with building mangers and suppliers
  • Rigorous pre-planning, enabling smooth delivery management
  • Customisable dashboard reporting
  • All comms in one place – no separate emails
  • All service sheets, certificates and other documents stored in the cloud
  • Integrate with other FM Navigate modules
  • All documents and communication are date and time-stamped for transparency and audit purposes


Lean & Effective

Lean &

Stay 100% Compliant

Stay 100%

Mitigate Risk


Reduce Cost

Save Time
& Money

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Optimise productivity
  • Save time on planning, re-work and stakeholder communications
  • Automatic notifications and collaborations with occupiers and suppliers
  • Improve business planning
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce downtime & repairs
  • Immediate drill down and document download to any task at any time
  • All comms in one system
  • Real-time information to all stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Eliminates human error, eliminate reproduction and re-work
  • Powerful data repository
  • Full transparency and accountability
FM Navigate

What FM Navigate has to Offer